Saturday, September 11, 2010


Great documentary I watched this past week on product design.  I saw it on Netflix but you can also find it on youtube.  Enjoy!

My new favorite Iphone app/ Black Hawk Down

Just downloaded Netflix on the Iphone.  This past week I loaded up Black Hawk Down, listened to it driving to work. Don't try watching it while driving, please.  Amazing sound design.  There was a line in the film I have not payed attention to in the past.  Soldiers were in choppers flying over the coast, one of them mentioned how beautiful the ocean looked.  The other soldier described how warm the water was but it was filled with sharks..a great parallel and foreshadow to the Somalia they were going to contend with during the film.


It is days like today that I truly appreciate living in the Bay area.  The weather is perfect.  Hot sun with a cool breeze.  Gonna barbecue tonight on the deck, have dinner with my family and relax.  Have a great day everyone.